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Take an umbrella to 'Singing in the Rain'!

Based on the MGM film, the London show takes the experience into a new and wetter realm

by Carol Muskoron

I'd seen the posters for 'Singing in the Rain' on the tube escalators, and I was tempted but I was also worried. How could a stage version better the classic 1952 film version starring the likes of Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds? The answer to that is that the London theatre version grips tight to the plot of the film, and adds its own touches that make it a brilliant experience. This is a fun show!

The best touch of all has to be the fact that it actually rains in this production! Yes, great sheets of water pour down from somewhere on high above the stage and the actors get soaked - and as they kick their elegant ankles up high they splash water all over those in the first rows. It's a hoot! They actually sell the umbrella pictured in the lobby - and those in those first rows are well advised to buy one!

In the interval there is a busy group of people with mops, drying the stage floor so that it's safe for the actors to dance on in the second act. And in the finale the heavens open again for another torrential downpour!

But rain aside, there is so much to shout about in 'Singing in the Rain' - the costumes are stunning, the dancers are top rate, there's a wonderful live orchestra positioned above the stage - and whether you've seen the film or not, you WILL know the songs ('You were meant for me', 'Good Morning' and, of course, 'Singing in the Rain'. In this relatively small London theatre, the entire performance is nothing less than magical.

You can book a Superbreak theatre break to see Singing in the Rain and a stay at a London hotel at

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