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Think you know nature? Take the quiz

Over 1,000 people looked at these five images and a surprising number failed to identify what they are. The survey was undertaken by the Natural History Museum in London to mark the launch of the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity.

Dr Johannes Vogel, director of the centre, said: ‘It is quite revealing how out of touch people are with their environment, and it’s a real shame just how little people seem to understand the natural world.'

Now see how well you do (answers at the bottom of the page).


What is this amphibian?


What is this tree?


What is this fossil?


What is this bird?


What is this butterfly?


And the answers are...


Sycamore Read more on spotting Britain's trees


Blue tit Take the birdsong quiz

Peacock Read more on spotting British butterflies




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