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Do I need a visa?

123 passport with visas  being stamped - Do I need a visa? - Travel advice -

For Brits heading off on holiday, there are many countries for which all you need is a British passport and a sunny smile. Others, however, have tighter door codes than China White.

So check out our list of the UK's favourite holiday destinations to get the lowdown on visa and passport requirements. Find out if you need to arrange a visa in advance and how much time you'll need to have left on your passport - to avoid any red-faced moments at the airport...

Visa information for...

...North America
...Australia and New Zealand
...the Middle East
...African countries
...Indian subcontinent
...South America
...tropical islands

Further information

This information is correct at the time of publication and for British passport-holders only. For the latest country-by-country advice, see the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website

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