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Think you know Britain? Take the landmarks quiz

by Adrienne Wyper
123 phone box on London street: landmarks quiz

You're probably pretty confident that you could identify Britain's best-loved landmarks with no trouble at all. We're all familiar with where we live, aren't we?

So you might be shocked and horrified to discover that over half of Britons couldn't identify some of our most iconic structures, in a survey commissioned by Travelodge. Fifty-eight per cent of the people questioned got it spectacularly wrong.

However, before you dismiss the 3,000 Britons who took up the identification challenge, you might like to compare how many landmarks they correctly identified with your own performance.

So, here are the 10 landmarks that were most often misidentified in the survey. Identify each one then check the answers by clicking on page 2.

But don't forget that you've got an advantage over those surveyed - you know they're all in Britain!


Name that landmark!


At no.10:

A classical edifice...maybe a former colonial seat of power? - 47% of those surveyed didn't know what this building was.




At no.9:

That summit looks mighty high - can it really be in the UK?...reminiscent of Mount Fuji, maybe? 52% couldn't identify this mountain 



At no.8:

With its jetting fountains and background of orderly columns, this square was unrecognisable to 51% of those surveyed, whose suggestions included a Spanish or Portuguese piazza.


At no.7:

Hmm, atmospheric shot, looks like something from a US gangster film. It's a bridge, but 54% couldn't say which one.



At no.6:

To be fair, this shot taken from above is not how we normally see this place of worship. Suggestions for this cathedral included the domes of St Peter's in Rome


At no.5:

Dark and vaguely sinister castle dominating the rugged landscape - somewhere in Transylvania? Well, it is a castle but 62% of those surveyed couldn't say where this stronghold is.



At no.4:

It wouldn't look out of place in a cutting-edge development in Dubai, and 64% of those surveyed failed to place this recently constructed tower in the near south, not the Far East.



At no.3:

The domes and intricately detailed towers of this view misled a third of those surveyed into thinking this vista was of the minarets of Istanbul.



At no.2:

Seventy-six per cent of UK residents were unable to identify this imposing high-rise skyline, with half mistaking it for Manhattan's prominent skyline




At no.1:

The title of most misidentified building goes to this Regency masterpiece. Over three-quarters of those asked drew a blank, and two-thirds mistook the iconic building for a palace in India's Rajasthan.




Now click on page 2 for the answers

Share your score below by leaving a comment.

All photos: Visit Britain 

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