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Make a twin doves Christmas card

Cut out twin doves Christmas card to make - Christmas cards to make - Christmas craft ideas - Craft -

This handmade card, a paper cut-out of two doves entwined in leaves is reminiscent of a silhouette illustration from a children's story book and illuminates beautifully in front of a window

You will need:

● Coloured paper

● Semi-translucent paper

● Tracing paper

● Cutting board

● Fine scalpel

● Metal ruler

● Pencil

● Rubber

● Scissors

● Masking tape

● Spray mount

● Letter knife


Draw out the design, or a simpler one of your own onto paper 14x19cm. Copy onto tracing paper. Use masking tape to fix the coloured paper onto the cutting board with the right side face down. Working on the wrong side of the paper, measure out the invitation card to 14x38cm and transfer the design to the left side of the paper using a pencil. (Turn the tracing paper over, wrong side towards you, and scribble over the surface with a pencil.

Turn it back again and place it wrong side down onto the coloured paper. Follow the outline of the design using a pencil, pressing firmly so that the outline appears on the coloured paper.) Carefully cut out the negative space of the design with a scalpel. Use small strips of masking tape to hold the cut-out parts of the design to the cutting board as you go, peeling the strips of  tape off carefully when they are no longer needed.

Cut out the card with a scalpel and ruler, score down the centre with a letter knife and fold in half to make a card with the cut out design at the front. Carefully rub out any unwanted pencil marks.

For the lining paper cut the semi-translucent paper to 14x38cm using a metal ruler and scalpel. Score a line down the centre with the letter-opener and fold in half. Glue 3mm of the folded edge with spray mount (masking off the rest of the paper), and secure to the inside spine of the coloured paper card pressing firmly to attach.

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