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How to grow ginger

123 ginger root and shoots - How to grow ginger - Gardening ideas - Craft -

The hot, sweet taste of tropical ginger is used in baking, ginger beer and Asian savoury dishes.

Roots planted in spring will be harvestable at the end of summer. You need to find a very fresh root that hasn't been treated to prevent it from sprouting on the shop shelf. Find a firm, unwrinkled one with signs of shoots.

Plant the roots 3cm deep in a 15cm pot of multipurpose compost. Cover the pot in a plastic bag to keep in heat and moisture. Put the pot in a very warm place, such as the airing cupboard. The root will take a few weeks to form shoots. Check the pot regularly and keep watered.

When a shoot appears, transfer the pot to a place with plenty of light, not in direct sun. Keep the plant well watered and feed every fortnight. It should flower between May and July.

After the flowers and foliage die back and the plant enters its dormant phase you can harvest the roots to use in the kitchen. Alternatively, cut the plant back and start watering again next spring to encourage fresh growth.

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