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Make paper roses for Christmas wrapping

Cl dec13 Make paper roses for Christmas wrapping - Make paper roses - Christmas craft ideas -

1 Choose a slightly thick, waxy paper to suit your theme, such as maps, sheet music or pretty wrapping paper.

2 First, cut a 4cm x 5cm dome-shape to form the central petal that all the others will be stuck to. Then, to form the layers, cut out four or five petals each of varying sizes ranging from 4cm to 7.5cm, depending on how big you would like your flower to be.

3 When all the pieces have been cut, individually shape the petals, slightly crumpling them and rolling the edges to make them more lifelike.

4 Apply a line of glue around the edge of the centre petal, stick on a length of floristry wire and roll up into a tube shape, sealing with a blob of glue.

5 Starting with the smallest petals, dab a small blob of glue halfway up the wire and wrap them around the stem near the top. Shape and fold the petals as you go, gradually building up your flower.

6 When the final petals have been applied, leave to dry and cut the florist’s wire to your desired length.

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