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Grow an Easter egg decoration

by Adrienne Wyper
Getty cress and chives growing in eggshells - Grow an Easter egg decoration - Craft -

You will need
• eggs
• kitchen roll
• cotton wool
• cress or chive seeds
• googly eyes
• pen
• eggcups or eggbox

Boil an egg, cut the top off and eat the egg. When the shell is cool, pack the bottom of it with damp kitchen roll, then top with a layer of damp cotton wool.

Sprinkle the surface with cress or chive seeds and gently push the seeds into the cotton wool.

Stick googly eyes in place and draw on a smile. And, of course, you can draw the eyes on with a pen if you prefer.

Place the eggs in eggcups or an eggbox and place on a warm, light windowsill. Keep the surface moist and the seeds will sprout in around seven days, giving a lovely green head of 'hair'.

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