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Make a child's Halloween witch costume

by Adrienne Wyper
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For a last-minute Halloween costume for a child, a witch is suitably spooky.

Take a black binliner and cut across the sealed end and down one side. Open out into a rectangle. Any drawstring ties may be handy for fastening the cape at the neck. If your binliner has no ties, cut off a thing strip from the binliner and stick along one edge of the rectangle, using sticky tape.

Cut a jagged, tattered edge at the bottom of the cape.

For the witch's hat, take a piece of black card and draw a circle with a diameter of around 55cm. Cut the circle out, fold in half and cut in half. Shape the semi-circle into a cone, overlapping more or less as necessary to fit your child's head. Staple the ends. When you're happy with the fit, glue or tape along the seam.

Snip around 1cm into the open end of the cone at regular intervals, to allow you to attach it to the hat base. Measure the diameter of the cone. Draw a circle on black paper with that diameter. Draw a larger circle (the desired width of the brim) around it. Cut along both lines. Now places the cone into the centre, fold the little flaps you cut on the edge of the cone under so they won't be seen on the outside of the hat, and stick with glue or tape. Alternatively, you could buy a hat.

If you don't have a besom twig broom, improvise by binding twigs to a larger stick with string.

Black clothes and shoes or boots should be worn.

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