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Bring lilac into your home

Scent your home with armfuls of this fragrant flower in a range of heavenly hues, or turn the tiny florets into decorative displays

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Of all our garden plants, lilac is the one that nearly everyone can name. Its distinctive fragrance hits you first - redolent of late spring and all the lovely summer riches to come.

No wonder songs have been written about them (‘We'll gather lilacs in the spring again/And walk together down an English lane...').

Just one cut stem can scent a room, while a bunch will add delicious perfume to a bouquet.

To make a garland

Gently remove the waxy florets and thread them together with a needle and twine. You can also press them between sheets of blotting paper or newspaper, weighed down by heavy books, to use for decorating cards.

For a long-lasting display, hang the cut flowerheads upside down in a dark, well-ventilated place to dry, then bunch them in baskets away from strong sun, which will fade them.

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