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Make a fabric Christmas wreath

Fabric Christmas wreath  - Christmas wreaths - Christmas craft -

You will need

● 1 polystyrene wreath ring (ours measured 25cm diameter)
● 50cm ribbon
● Fabric - try to have some woven fabric where the colour is the same on each side, as you will see both sides.

We used…

● Plain red – 50 cm of 140cm wide
● Green flowered – 40cm of 114cm wide fabric
● Red polka dot - 40cm of 114cm wide fabric
● A box of pins – we used 00 pins, but to be honest, any type will do.

To make

Cutting out
Cut each fabric into 7.5cm squares. It doesn’t have to be exact, so don’t worry too much if some of your squares vary a little in size (image 1).

Tie the length of ribbon around the wreath ring – this will be used for hanging it up as well as decoration.

Start folding and pinning

Take one square of fabric and fold it into quarters. Insert a pin into the folded corner (image 2).

Push the pin firmly into your polystyrene ring (image 3) and repeat with a square of different fabric (image 4).

Keep on repeating and gradually fill the wreath ring so that it is evenly covered and you can’t see any of the white polystyrene.  

It’s done. And yes, it really is that easy! Hang on your front door and wait for the compliments!

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