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Make a heart-shaped roses arrangement

Try this unashamedly romantic arrangement for roses - ideal for Valentine's Day

PR Heart-shaped rose arrangement to make, from 'Simple Flower Arranging' - Craft -

An unashamedly romantic design, this heart-shaped spray rose arrangement is a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Lay it flat on a coffee table, prop it up on a shelf or chair, or insert wire through the top of the foam before adding the flowers so you can hang it up.

You will need:

● 12 pink spray roses
● 12 pale pink spray roses
● 12 peach spray roses
● 1 floral foam heart with a base, 25cm (10in) in diameter
● Florist’s scissors
● Strong wire or thread if you want to hang the arrangement

Step 1
Immerse the floral foam heart in a large bucket or sink full of water for about 3 minutes, until no more bubbles rise up and the foam is soaked through and feels heavy (don’t oversoak it).

Step 2
Separate the individual rose heads from their main stems and trim each short stem to 5cm (2in).

Step 3
Starting at the top of the heart, insert each rose stem straight down into the flat foam. Add the roses in small sections, butting them right up against one another so the foam is completely concealed. Regularly stop to check your work. Use a mix of small, medium, and large blooms to give a random look on the front of the heart; you don’t need to follow a pattern or regulate the size of the roses, although you can concentrate the smaller rose heads at the edges and sides if you want to.

Step 4
Insert the remaining roses at the edges and around the sides of the foam. Insert these stems at a slight downwards angle so the flower heads point outwards to create curved corners and give the design a rounded shape.

Insider tips
• Water may leak from the base of the floral foam if you stand or hang it upright, so prop up the arrangement on a kitchen draining board once you have inserted the flowers so any excess water can drain away.
• The arrangement should last for six days if you mist the flowers every day.

This arrangement is from 'Simple Flower Arranging', by Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks, published by DK, £16.99, available to buy from Amazon

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