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How to make a candle

red candles - How to make a candle - Craft -

Begin by preparing your wick. Cut a piece of wick 5cm longer than required. Dip the wick base into melted wax and stick to the bottom of your mould or container. Wind the top end around a skewer or pencil and balance it on top of the mould (above).

To melt the wax, cut the quantity of wax you require into small pieces to help it melt quickly.

Quarter-fill a large saucepan with water and bring to the boil. Put your wax pieces into a smaller saucepan and place inside the large pan. Simmer until the wax melts. At this point, add colour if required, a little at a time until desired shade is achieved.

Transfer into a plastic jug and pour into your mould or container before it begins to set. When set, untie the wick from the skewer and trim.

To clean your pan and jug, wash in boiling water with washing-up liquid. Take care not to pour any left-over liquid wax into your sink as it will block the pipes. Any excess wax should be poured into an old tin or container, left to set and then discarded.

Crème wax; pre-waxed wicks; concentrated candle dye. All Hobbycraft

With candle-making supplies now readily available, have a go at these easy projects:

Make floating candles

Make jam jar candles

Make a teacup candle

Make a large three-wick candle

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