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Make a Christmas star and heart window garland

Make a Christmas star and heart window garland - Christmas decorations to make - craft -

You need...

● nails or hooks for hanging (you may be able to tie them directly on to a curtain rail, picture rail or other exisiting fixture)
● silver card stars and hearts – approximately 5cm high (available from wedding accessory retailers – or make your own out of silver foil card)
● awl – or sharp point for making holes in the card
● strong thread – silver to match the card
● needle

Decide where you’re going to place the nails for hanging your garlands. They should be spaced about 20cm apart otherwise the garlands may get tangled up with each other.

Next you need to measure the length of each garland. Remember to allow for vases, lamps etc that you may have on the windowsill. Add 10cm to the length to allow for the hanging loop at the top.

Start threading on your hearts and stars

Take each of your heart and star shapes and with the awl, make a small hole through the top and the bottom.  

Take one of your pieces of thread, and tie a hanging loop in the top (a loop with a secure knot in it).  

Thread the other end of the thread through your needle and insert into the top of one heart or star. Push the heart/star up towards the hanging loop (about 20cm away from the loop) and then make another stitch through the same hole (this secures the heart/star in place).

Then thread your needle back out through the bottom hole – so you have a long ‘stitch’ on one side of the heart/star shape.

Keep threading on your shapes, spacing them out every 20cm and when you’ve done the last one make a knot at the bottom so it’s held firmly in place.

Repeat with the other garlands until you have enough to hang along the width of your window.

Instructions: Suzanna Drew-Edwards

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