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Make a pompom Christmas wreath

Make a pompom Christmas wreath - Christmas craft ideas - Craft -

This wreath will take three to four hours to make and is suitable for beginners.

You will need

● pompom makers in four sizes (we used Clover pompom makers in 35mm, 45mm, 65mm and 85mm sizes)
● 350mm polystyrene wreath base
● three ready-made pompom garlands
● mini glue gun
● scissors
● wool/yarn in your chosen colours

How to make

Choose the colour combination of pompoms you want. You can use a mixture of brightly coloured wools and yarns of varying thickness and composition.

Start to make your pompoms using the Clover pompom maker. Using four different-sized makers gives the wreath a multi-textured look. You can also mix the colours of wool you use within single pompoms to create unique colour combinations.

Using the mini glue gun start sticking the pompoms to the polystyrene wreath. Stick the largest pompoms on first then arrange the smaller pompoms around them. Continute until there are just small gaps left between pompoms.

To fill in the smaller gaps on the wreath detach the pompoms from the garland string by cutting the string and sliding them off.

All supplies from Hobbycraft

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