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Make a pretty card cake box

Cake box - Make a cardboard cake box - Craft -

You will need

● Sheet of A3 coloured card
● PVA glue and brush
● Wallpaper
● Pencil and ruler
● Scissors
● Double-sided tape
● Table knife
● Tissue paper
● Ribbon and trinkets

How to make

1. Paste the card with a thin layer of glue and smooth the wallpaper in place, pushing out any creases or air bubbles. Leave to dry completely, for at least two hours.

2. On the card side, draw a square or rectangular base large enough for your cakes. The base for the box pictured measures 15cm x 15cm, in which two cupcakes will fit. Add four same-sized sides and then an identical outline to one of them for the lid.

3. Draw 1cm-deep tabs on the edges of each of the sides, and another on the top edge of the lid, if you like.

4. Cut around the outline, then score along all the lines where the box and tabs will fold, using a ruler and the back of a table knife.

5. Stick double-sided tape along the side of the tabs, where they will crease in to secure the box. Then form a cube (or cuboid) shape by pressing down on the taped areas firmly.

6. Place your chosen contents inside on a cushion of tissue paper, close the lid and tie a ribbon, strung with trinkets, around the box.

Tip To find wallpaper, contact decorating shops for old sample books or discontinued lines. Alternatively, buy pieces on ebay or Etsy.

Click here to see Sarah Moore's pattern.

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