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Make a wallpaper lampshade

make a lampshade from wallpaper - Home makes - Craft -

You will need

● Measuring tape
● Conical shade, with a larger ring at the bottom than top
● Pencil
● Ruler
● Wallpaper
● Scissors
● Table knife, for scoring
● Sheet of paper
● Hole punch
● Ribbon that fits round top of shade, plus extra for bow

How to make

1. Measure around the base of the lampshade and double this length, then measure its depth and add 1cm to this.

2. Draw the dimensions onto the reverse of the wallpaper to form a rectangle. Cut out the shape and spread it out flat on a clean surface.

3. Mark the spaces for the pleats and holes with a vertical line every 1-2cm along the width of the paper (depending on how big you'd like your pleats), then use the back of a table knife and the ruler to score along these.

4. With a spare piece of paper, check exactly where the hole comes out of your puncher before beginning on the shade, then make a hole in between the lines on your wallpaper.

5. Crease and fold the length of paper into a concertina. Leave three holes at the beginning and end, then feed the ribbon through the rest. Overlap the last few creases with the ribbon-free parts, lining up the two sets of empty holes and feeding the ribbon through to the outside.

6. Place over the existing shade, then gently tighten the ribbon like a drawstring until the paper fits neatly.

Tip: Add lace trimmings or a strip of contrasting scalloped wallpaper to the base of the paper for extra decoration – paste in place before you begin scoring.

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