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Make a sewing-hoop picture

Sewing frame - Make a sewing-hoop picture - Craft -

You will need

● Patterned fabric
● Sewing hoop
● Scissors
● Needle and thread
● Iron

How to make

1. Choose an area of the design on your material that fits well within the hoop. Iron it, then place the inner ring onto a flat surface and position the fabric, right side up, over this.

2. Put the larger ring on top and press it down evenly. Turn the ring over and tighten with the adjuster on the outside (if it has one) or tweak the fabric until it sits evenly in the frame.

3. If you are happy to cut the fabric, trim it, leaving about 3-4cm around the edge of the hoop and tuck the remainder behind. For pieces you would rather leave whole, make large folds on the reverse of the ring and then stitch them to each other loosely.

4. Repeat the process using complementary patterned or coloured fabrics and hoops of varying sizes, then group together to display.

Tip: This is the perfect opportunity to use a cherished fabric, as you needn't cut it to fit – just stitch the surplus in place behind the frame and later release it.

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