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Cover a folder in fabric

Fabric-covered folder - Make a fabric-covered folder - Country&travel -

You will need

● 25cm-long ribbon, cut into two equal pieces
● PVA glue and brush
● Pocket-style folder to fit A4 paper
● Piece of fabric 2½ x depth of the folder and 4cm wider
● Scissors

How to make

1. Add the ribbons for the tie before covering by pasting one piece just inside the front flap in the centre and the other with a dot of glue at the bottom of the base of the folder.

2. Lay the fabric out vertically, right-side down on a flat surface. Lift the flap and turn the folder around so you can paste the front of the flap (keep the ribbon underneath, so you don’t glue it) and back of the folder. Place the glued folder in the middle of the material about 2cm from the top. Smooth the fabric in place and make sure it is straight.

3. Turn the folder over and snip out a slit for the ribbon, then feed it through. Paste the 2cm piece of material inside the flap and trim off the excess fabric from the sides.

4. Roll up the ribbon at the base to avoid glueing it, then paste the front of the pocket and smooth the fabric in place in the same way. Again, cut a slit into the fabric where the ribbon is and feed it through. Trim off any excess material so you have about 2cm left and stick it inside the folder and at the sides, into the V-shaped edges, then leave to dry.

Tip: For a tidy finish, cut a panel of paper to fit inside the flap and inside the back of the folder, and glue in place.

Click here to see Sarah Moore's pattern.

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