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Make paper dove Christmas tree decorations

Create a template and make a flock of festive birds

Paper dove Christmas tree decoration to make - Christmas decorations to make - Christmas craft ideas - Craft -

A single colour theme creates a smart look.

You will need

● tracing paper
● pencil
● scissors
● craft paper
● paper glue
● string


Draw templates onto tracing paper (two wings and two identical bodies). Cut these out. (NB: The templates are not missing from this page - you create your own.)

Use a pencil to outline a design onto the templates - you'll follow this for the pin-prick markings.

Place the template, pencilled side down, onto medium-weight craft paper. Rub the back to transfer the design. Cut out.

Lay the sections on a folded towel, pencil-marked side up. Use a needle to prick out the design.

Glue the wing bases together, slipping a loop of string between them to create a hanging.

When dry, gently bend the wings so they're slightly curved.

Glue the body pieces together, inserting the wings in between.

Paper from a selection, Cowling & Wilcox. Striped string on wooden bobbin with wire holder, £12.50, RE. Vintage baubles, from £2 each, Acorn & Will 

Styling and words: Caroline Reeves. Photos: Rachel Whiting  

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