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Make a heart-shaped wire noticeboard

Wire heart-shaped noticeboard to make - Make a heart-shaped wire noticeboard - Craft -

Our notice board measured 33cm across the widest part, although with more (or less) wire you can make it as big or small as you like.

You will need

● 150cm of 2mm galvanised wire
● Approximately 7m of 1mm galvanised wire
● Pliers
● Wire cutters
● A wooden spoon or something with a round handle
● Nice postcards and notes to decorate

Make the main heart shape

Bend the 2mm wire in half (the halfway mark will be the point of the heart) and using your pliers, twist the two ends together as best you can (image 1). Trim off any excess with your wire cutters.

Now carefully bend the wire into a heart shape (image 2). Don’t worry if it looks a bit wobbly, when you add more wire, you won’t notice so much. Just try not to have too many obvious ‘corners’.

Make the looped surround

It’s a good idea to practise this bit on a short piece of wire so that you get the idea.

Cut a piece of 1mm wire that measures approximately 1.5m. You want it so that you can work with it relatively easily - any longer and it starts tangling up. 

Using the handle of your wooden spoon, twist a loop of wire and then turn the spoon (or use the pliers to twist the wire) so that the wire twists up underneath and holds the loop in place (image 3).

Now, move along the wire about 7cm and repeat (image 4). Continue doing this until your piece of 1mm wire runs out. Repeat with another piece of 1mm wire until you have enough to go round the heart outline.

Wind the curly wurly surround onto the main heart shape – twisting the wire ends so that it stays in place.

Creating the cross wires

These wires give you something to pin things to – and also give stability to the heart shape.

Using your 1mm wire and the wire cutters, clip pieces of wire that are about 10cm longer than the width of the heart (image 5).

Starting from the bottom of the heart, twist the ends of the cross wires firmly to the both sides of the heart (image 6).

Work your way up the heart attaching the cross wires as you go. We spaced them at approximately 4 - 5cm intervals.

When you’ve done this, run a central vertical wire down from the centre of the heart to the point. 


Adding the little hearts

Take a 10cm piece of 1mm wire and make a heart shape (image 7). 

Using your pliers, twist the wires together leaving approximately 3cm of spare wire at the bottom. 

Now, using that 3cm of spare wire at the bottom, twist the little hearts onto your cross wires. 

You’ll find that you should be able to hook the centres of your little hearts over the cross wires that lie above - this keeps the heart from wobbling forward and makes the whole structure more stable (image 8).

Finished! Hang it up and pin up your postcards.

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