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Make a classic silhouette picture

Make a classic silhouette picture - Craft -

You will need...

● Photo frame
● Side-profile picture of your child
● Piece of black card /or a black Sharpie pen
● Two A4 pieces of printable white card

● Glue
● Small sharp scissors
● Scalpel and cutting board

Undo the back of the frame and take out the paper backing which is included in the frame as a template – this is your size guide for your frame.

Find a digital photo of your child which shows him or her with a clear side profile. Print out the photo onto white card so the size of the head fits inside the paper backing template. Very carefully, cut around the outline of your child’s head, closely following around the facial features.

Making the silhouette

Here you can do one of two things for your main image.

Option 1: Flip the cut-out head so the plain white side is uppermost and the photo is underneath. Then take your black Sharpie pen and carefully colour in the white so it is completely black. Position centrally onto a piece of backing card cut to fit the frame. Glue into place.

Option 2: Using the black card, carefully draw around your cut-out head. Cut out your black card silhouette using your scalpel and cutting board (or small scissors). Glue this silhouette to a piece of white card cut to fit the frame backing template.

Finally, place in your frame and fix into place. Using black pen, write the date and the child's name on the back.

Instructions: Suzanna Drew-Edwards

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