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Sew a lined tote bag: free sewing pattern

Sew a lined tote bag: free sewing pattern - Fashion makes - Craft -

This design is pretty, strong and versatile. Lining it will make it even more durable.

You will need

● fabric – tote pictured uses 60cm squares
● measuring tape and tailor’s chalk
● scissors, pins
● sewing machine, thread, iron
● woven tape lengths – ours were 60cm

To make

1 Measure and mark out four panels on your fabric, adding a seam allowance of 2cm on all sides. Two of these will form the outer surface, two the lining. Use one material or choose different patterns.

2 Lay one of your lining panels, right side down, on a flat surface and place an outer piece, right side up, on top. Add the second outer panel to the pile, right side down, and finally, the other lining panel right side up.

3 Pin these together along the side and bottom edges of your bag. Then, starting about 3cm down from the opening of your tote, machine-stitch in place, leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance at the sides. Stop sewing 3cm short of the bottom edge. Trim any spare fabric at the bottom corners for a neat finish. Then turn the bag the right way out by reaching down between the outside layers. To tidy the top edge, fold each of the 3cm flaps inside the pockets between the lining and outer layers. Iron and pin in place.

4 For the handles, cut two even lengths of woven tape and sit the ends between the material you’ve just folded. Pin in place and sew along the bag on each side. Add extra stitching around the handles to strengthen.

5 For a flat-based bag, tuck, pin and sew the open edges closed as in step three. With your hands inside the tote, ease the corners out and squash them flat. Fold the excess fabric triangles under the base, iron and sew in place. It should now stand upright.

6 Turn the bag the right way out and press a V-shaped fold up each side. If you would like to expand and loosen your bag, add tape, ribbon or silk scarves at the sides to tie and untie.

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