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Sew a bow hair clip: free sewing pattern

aay Sew a bow hair clip: free sewing pattern - Craft -

This makes a bow measuring approximately 14cm by 10cm.

You will need

● 35cm x 16cm cotton fabric measuring  (you could use thicker fabrics such as velvet or tweed)
● 23cm x 14cm iron-on interfacing: (if you're using a thicker fabric, you probably won’t need the interfacing)
● A hair clip (we used a spring hairclip, but a crocodile clip would work too)

Cutting out

From your cotton fabric, cut out two rectangles measuring 25cm x 16cm, and 6cm x 9cm (image 1).

Make sure your interfacing is approximately 1cm smaller than your largest fabric piece – trim into shape if necessary. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of your cotton rectangle.

Start sewing

With the right side of the fabric inside, fold the larger fabric rectangle in half and pin the shortest ends together (image 2). Stitch 1cm from the edge. Now fold this piece so that the seam lies in the middle of one side. Using a hot iron, press the edges and the seam.

Pin across one end and stitch 1cm from the edge. Repeat with the other end, but here you need to leave a small gap so that it can be turned the right way round. Before turning, clip the corners so they aren’t too bulky.

Turn the right way round and, using a knitting needle, poke the corners out so they are right-angled points.

Hand-stitch the gap closed.

Using the biggest stitch on your sewing machine, straight stitch down the middle of your bow piece (image 3). Then, pull one of the threads so that that the fabric gathers in the middle.

Sewing the tie

Take the smaller fabric rectangle and fold in half lengthwise (image 4). Stitch down one long side (leaving the ends open). Turn this piece the right way round (you may need the help of a safety pin or a knitting needle to do this).

Press with a hot iron, turning one of the ends inside so that you have a neat edge (image 5).

Stitching the tie to the bow

Wrap the tie tightly around your gathered-up bow and pin into place. (Make sure the join of the tie is on the wrong side of your bow.) Handstitch so the tie is secure (image 6).

Finishing up

Take your spring hair clip and hand-stitch onto the wrong side of your bow (image 7).

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