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How to make a pompom

123 making a pompom - How to make a pompom - Craft -

You will need

● scissors
● stiff cardboard
● wool

Cut two rings from cardboard, with the holes in the centres about the same width as the side of the rings. The larger the hole, the denser the finished pompom will be.

Hold the two cardboard rings together. Tie one end of the wool around the rings and start passing the wool through the centre and around the outer edge of the rings, to completely wrap the rings in the wool.

Continue until there's no room to pass more wool through the centre of the rings.

Using the scissors, cut the wool along the outer edge of the rings. When all the strands are cut, take another piece of wool and wrap around the middle a few times. Tie tightly.

Cut a slit towards the centre of each cardboard ring and pull them out. Fluff up your pompom and trim any protruding wool.

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