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Make easy cord bracelets

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To make

For each bracelet we used a 50cm length of waxed cotton cord, one metal charm, two flowers with loops attached and four small round metal beads. If your charms have no loops attached, or the loops are too small to thread onto cord, you will need to add jump rings first (see below). Lay out the beads and charms in your desired order then thread onto the bracelet cord. Tie a knot on either side to secure in place. To make the bracelet adjustable, finish with slip knots (see below). Add a small metal bead to each end, secured with a knot, and trim the free ends of the cord.

Tip When buying beads or charms, check that their holes or loops are wide enough for your cord or ribbon

How to tie a slip knot

This is an easy way to finish a necklace or bracelet without the need for a fastening and also means the length can be adjusted. Start by overlapping the ends of the cord. Then, following the diagram, tie two slip knots to tie both free ends around the main length of cord. Check that you can pull the cord to tighten or loosen.

How to use a jump ring

Depending on the size of the jump ring, either hold it in one hand and use pliers to open it, or use two pairs of pliers. Open it sideways, just far enough to attach your pendant (don’t just pull the ends apart as this will distort the shape and make it difficult to close up afterwards). Attach the pendant then close the ring making sure the ends are tightly closed.

Feature: Kirsty Robertson. Photos: Richard Burns. Illustration: Terry Evans

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