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Knit Sasha Kagan's intarsia flower socks: free pattern

Make these pretty socks for stylish, warm feet

sasha kagan floral intarsia socks to knit

Sasha Kagan set up her knitwear business in 1972, two years after The Scottish Merchant opened in Covent Garden, London, and the shop was one of her first outlets. Since then she has gone from strength to strength; she has published many books on knitting and has become an internationally known knitwear designer with garments in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Sasha is one of the foremost designers working with the intarsia technique and is known for her use of colour, pattern and texture. She designed these socks especially for the 'Country Weekend Knits' book that this pattern is taken from – and called them Madeline’s Socks – using yarns that have a small proportion of a harder-wearing fibre to produce socks that are both pretty and practical.

What you'll need
Pair of 2.75mm needles
Rowan Felted Tweed (50% merino wool, 25% alpaca, 25% viscose, approximately 175m/191 yards): 2 x 50g balls, shade 145 Treacle
(B)Rowan Cashsoft DK (57% extra-fine merino, 33% acrylic microfibre, 10% cashmere, 130m/142 yards): 1 x 50g ball, shade 00529 Admiral (A); 1 x 50g ball, shade 00522 Cashew
(C); 1 x 50g ball, shade 00509 Lime
(D); 1 x 50g ball, shade 00520 Bloom (E)


Special abbreviation

tw2: Knit into second st on LH needle, stretch the stitch just made slightly, then k into back of first st and slip both sts off needles.


To fit 23 [25.5]cm/9 [10]in foot.

Length of leg from bottom of heel 29 cm/111⁄2in.


28 sts and 38 rows measure 10cm/4in over st st using 2.75mm needles (or size needed to obtain given tension).

Special instructions

The chart panel, see below, is knitted using the intarsia method. For this, each separate block of colour is worked using a separate length of yarn. Weave background yarn B along behind blocks, catching it in on every other stitch.

Mock cable rib pattern

Row 1 (P2, tw2) rep to last 2 sts, p2.

Row 2 (K2, p2) to last 2 sts, k2.

Row 3 (P2, k2) to last 2 sts, p2.

Row 4 As row 2.

These 4 rows form the pattern.

Using yarn A, cast on 74 sts.

Work 1 row mock cable rib starting with p2.

Change to yarn B and work 5cm/2in mock cable rib starting with p2.

Work 26 sts mock cable rib with yarn B, k1, then work across 20 sts of chart following the chart from right to left for knit rows and left to right for purl rows. Then k1, and work 26 sts of mock cable rib in yarn B.

Continue as set until foot measures approximately 16.5cm/61⁄2 in, ending after row 7 or 19 of chart in order to complete a flower motif.

Divide for heel and instep

Next row Patt 55 sts, turn, leaving 19 sts on a stitch holder.

Next row Patt 36 sts, turn, leaving 19 sts on a stitch holder.

Cont on these 36 sts in patt for 48 [56] rows.

Heel flap

Leave these stitches on a spare needle. With RS facing slip sts from both holders onto one needle with back of leg seam at centre.

Work 20 rows mock cable rib on 38 sts.

Turn heel

Row 1 K28, sl 1, k1, psso, turn.

Row 2 P19, p2tog, turn.

Row 3 K19, sl 1, k1, psso, turn.

Row 4 As row 2.

Rep last 2 rows until 20 sts rem, ending with a p row, then onto the same needle, pick up and p 16 sts along side of heel flap. 36 sts.

Next row K to end, then pick up and k 16 sts along other side of heel flap. 52 sts.

Next row Purl. Now cont in st st and shape instep as follows:

Row 1 K1, sl 1, k1, psso, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.

Row 2 K1, p to last st, k1.

Rep last 2 rows until 36 sts remain, then cont in st st until foot section measures same as top section, ending with a WS row.

Next row K to end, then k across 36 sts on spare needle. 72 sts.

Next row Purl.

Shape toe

Row 1 (K1, k2tog, k30, k2tog, k1) twice.

Row 2 and every alt row Purl.

Row 3 (K1, k2tog, k28, k2tog, k1) twice.

Row 5 (K1, k2tog, k26, k2tog, k1) twice.

Cont decreasing in this way on alt rows until 28 sts remain, ending with a WS row. Then slip first 14 sts onto a spare needle, fold work in half with RS facing and graft sts tog (see page 142).

Work another sock in the same way.


Darn loose ends back into their own colour. Join the seams at the side of the foot and at the back of the leg. Block or press carefully.

This pattern is from 'Country Weekend Socks' by Madeline Weston.

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