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Make velvet bow hair clips

These cute little bows are an easy make to try. By Maria Binns

Orange velvet bow

These are so sweet! I have made loads and loads of these little babies. If you want a more edgy look, go for black velvet. These look great in long hair at the top of a ponytail or in short hair to sweep back a fringe.

You will need:

● 1 metal barrette clip
● 40cm/16in. velvet ribbon
● Needle and thread
● Tailors chalk
● Pinking shears
● Scissors
● Hot glue gun


Cut a 40cm/16in. length of velvet ribbon and pink the edges to prevent fraying. Draw a line to mark the middle of the ribbon. Mark two more lines 10cm/4in. from each end.

Start with one ribbon end. With the velvet side of the ribbon facing the table, fold the first line to meet the middle line. Hold this loop between your fingers. Insert a pin through the layers to hold it in place.

Take the remainder of the ribbon and loop it over into the middle of the ribbon, so that now there are two loops at this end, and pin in place. Thread your needle and sew through all the ribbon layers 2.5cm/1in. from the centre. Repeat steps 3-5 for the remaining side of ribbon.

Place the bow onto the barrette and measure another piece of ribbon to fit around the middle with an overlap. Cut this piece.

Using your needle and thread, sew this piece around the bow at the back. Hot glue the back of the bow onto the barrette.

Hold the bow firmly in place for approximately one minute until the glue dries.

This project is taken from 'One Hour Craft!' by Maria Binns (A & C Black, £16.99)

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