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How to sew a jersey snood: free sewing pattern

Fancy a scarf that will stay in place and still look as good at the end of the day as when you put it on? Use this simple tutorial to make yourself a soft jersey snood. By Suzanna Drew-Edwards

sew a jersey snood

You will need


  • 150cm x 70cm cotton jersey fabric (if your fabric width isn’t 150cm, you can cut two shorter widths and piece them together)



  • A jersey needle for your sewing machine


Make a l-o-o-o-ng tube

Lay your piece of fabric out flat with the right side upwards (as it’s very long, doing it on the floor makes the most sense). 

Fold the fabric in half lengthways (it’ll measure 150cm x 35cm) matching the corners and raw edges.  Pin down the long side and using your jersey (or ballpoint) needle, straight stitch from one end to the other – you’ll end up with a very long tube.   

Join the ends

Next, turn your long tube the right way round (so the seam is inside). 

There are two ways of joining the ends….

This way is easiest to explain, but you do see the stitching...

Take one end of your tube and fold in the raw edges by 1cm. Press with a hot iron. Then take the other end and tuck this edge inside the folded in end so the raw edges are sandwiched and can’t be seen. Pin and topstitch in place ¼cm away from the edge. 

This way is harder to explain clearly, but all the stitching is hidden (we like this way the best!)

Fold your tube in half so the edges of both short ends are together. 

On each short end there is the end of the long side seam you stitched earlier. Place these seam ends right sides together and then pin around the edge of the short ends (you’re basically working your way round in a circle pinning 2 layers together as you go). You won’t be able to pin all the way – but do as much as you can (you finish off the rest with hand stitching at the end). 

Starting at the seam, straight stitch round the edge as far as you can. 

You’ll be left with an (approximately) 8cm gap. Tuck the raw edges of this gap inside the scarf and handstitch the gap shut. 

Press the seams with a hot iron and then twist your scarf around your neck.

Stitching tips

  • If you find your machine is skipping stitches, check your needle – you may not be using a jersey needle. 
  • You can make this in any fabric – although we think that floppy fabrics work the best. 


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