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Make a button necklace

make a button necklace

Button jewellery is fashionable at the moment, so you can catch the trend - and use up some of your button stash at the same time.

You will need

● an assortment of buttons (at least 80)

● button thread

● sewing needle


How to make your button necklace

Sort your buttons into sizes – small, medium and large. The finished necklace will have small buttons at the back, medium down the sides and large in the middle.

Cut a length of button thread at least 1m long and thread it with a needle

Tie a knot in one end of the thread, about two inches from the end.

Using the needle, thread a small button onto the thread, taking it to the knotted end.

Thread the next small button, taking it underneath the first button.

Carry on this way, threading 16 small buttons, pulling the thread tight each time to ensure they’re butted up against one another.

Move on to medium-sized buttons, then large. At the halfway point, thread a colourful or distinctive button.

Reverse the sizing, using large, medium then small buttons, trying to match up the sizes with the half that’s already completed.

Once you’ve threaded your buttons, hold the unknotted end of the thread and move the buttons down to make sure they’re butted up tight against one another.

Tie the two ends of thread together securely and cut off the ends.


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