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Make a heart-shaped bag: free sewing pattern

Glittery heart-shaped bag to make - Make a simple heart-shaped bag - Free sewing patterns - Craft -

This makes a bag measuring approximately 20cm across the widest part.

You will need

● Stiff fabric – we used a glittery canvas fabric. If you think your fabric is a bit too floppy, use a stiff iron-on interfacing to give it more body.
● 1.2 metres of cord – for the handle (this is long enough for you to wear across your body)
● 1 x magnetic clasp – at least 1cm diameter

Cutting out

Using the template below, cut out two heart shapes in your fabric. If necessary, use a heavyweight interfacing to stiffen the material. 

On the back of each fabric heart, mark in the magnetic snap position and the correct placement for the handles.

You also need to cut out 2 x small squares measuring 2.5 x 2.5cm of the same fabric you’re using for your bag (image 1). These will be used when you attach the magnetic clasp.

Inserting the magnetic clasp

You’ll be attaching your magnetic snaps to the small squares of fabric, and then stitching these onto your main bag pieces. 

Now check out your magnetic snap (image 2). You’ll see it comes in four parts: a female part, a male part and two washers. Both sides of the snap have ‘arms’ that are inserted through slits in the fabric and bent in over the washer to keep the snap secure.

First, take your small squares of matching fabric and find the centre. Mark it on the wrong side with a pen or pencil (image 3). 

Now, take one of the washers and place it over the mark you’ve just made. You are using the washer as a template so you can mark the slits where the ‘arms’ of each side of the snap should go.   

With a seam ripper or a scalpel, cut lines along the slit marks. 

With right side of the fabric up, take one half of the magnetic snap and insert the arms through the slits (image 4). Slip one of the washers over the arms (on the wrong side of the fabric). 

6. Now, with pliers or a metal ruler, bend the arms in so they are holding the snap and washer firmly in place (image 5). Repeat with the other side of the snap (image 6).

NB: Our fabric was very stiff and didn’t need strengthening – however, magnetic snaps are very strong, so if you feel your fabric could feel the strain, you can strengthen it by covering the small square of fabric with some stiff interfacing.

Fixing the snap to the main bag

Take one of your bag pieces and place it wrong side up on a flat surface. Position one of the magnetic snaps over the dot that you marked (if you haven’t already transferred the marking from the template, do so now!)

Pin into place and then with thread that matches your bag fabric, stitch around the snap so the small square of fabric is firmly secured to the wrong side of the main bag (image 7).

Repeat with the other side of the snap.

Attaching the bag handles

With one side of the bag pieces right side up, position the ends of your handles (with the ends poking out) and pin into place (image 8). The handles will be caught in when you stitch the two bag sides together and, when you turn it the right way round, then the ends of the handles will be out of sight inside.

Sewing the bag together

Place both sides of the bag together matching the bottom point and the two ‘bulges’ of the heart at the top. Make sure that all of the handle apart from the ends is tucked inside the bag (image 9).

Leaving the top of the bag open, stitch round the outside 0.5cm from the raw edge – backstitching at the beginning and end to secure the opening.

Make sure you don’t have any of the handle in the stitching line otherwise you’ll have to get out the unpicker (image 10).

Trim the seam and the bottom point of the heart (image 11).

5. Turn the bag the right way round, using a knitting needle to push out the point at the bottom.

Finishing the opening

Stitch (or glue) down the curved opening by 0.5cm. As the fabric we used was very stiff, we needed to make small slits around the edge so it sat in a nice curve.

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