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Crochet a penguin mug cosy: free crochet pattern

Crochet a penguin mug cosy: free crochet pattern - craft -

Skill level: Intermediate

You will need

● DK wool/yarn in black, white and yellow
● 3mm and 4mm crochet hooks
● black button (for fastening)
● two small black beads for the eyes
● needle and thread


ch = chain
dc = double crochet
dc2tog = dc 2sts together
DK = double knitting
st(s) = stitch(es)
slst = slipstitch
tog = together

How to make

Turn with 1ch at end of each row, unless otherwise stated.

Basic cosy

Using black yarn, and a 4mm hook, make 15 ch.
Row 1 Work 1dc into 2nd ch from hook and into each of remaining ch. (14sts).
Row 2 Work 1dc into each dc.
Repeat row 2 until length required to fit round mug.
Next row 1ch, work 1dc into each of next 2dc, turn.
Work two more rows in dc on these 2sts.
Fasten off. (This small piece fits underneath the mug handle and is later sewn to the foundation chain of the cosy.)
Miss 6dc of last row and rejoin wool to next dc. Make approximately 10ch and slst to same dc to make a loop. Fasten off.
Fit the cosy around the mug and put the loop through the handle, then sew the button on to make a snug fit.

White Front

Using white wool/yarn and a 4mm hook, make 10 ch.
Row 1 Work 1dc into 2nd ch from hook and into each remaining ch. (9sts).
Rows 2-4 inclusive Work in dc. (9sts).
Row 5 dc2tog, 5dc, dc2tog. (7sts).
Row 6 dc (7sts).
Row 7 dc2tog, 3dc, dc2tog. (5sts).
Row 8 dc (5sts).
Row 9 dc2tog, 1dc, dc2tog. (3sts).
Row 10 dc (3sts).
Row 11 dc3tog. Fasten off.


Using yellow wool/yarn and a 3mm hook, join wool/yarn to last st of foundation ch of white front. Work 1dc into same st and 1dc into each of next 2sts. (3sts). Turn.
Row 2 Make 4ch, slst into 1st dc, 4ch, slst into 2nd dc, 4ch slst into 3rd dc. Fasten off.
Miss 3sts of foundation ch join yellow to next ch and repeat rows 1 and 2 of 1st foot. Fasten off.


Using yellow wool, and a 4mm hook, make 2ch, work 3dc into 1st ch made. Turn.
Row 2 dc (3sts).
Row 3 Work 2dc into 1st st, 1dc, 2dc into last st. (5sts).
Row 4 dc. Fasten off. Fold beak in half lengthways, and sew down longer side.

Eyes (make 2)

Using white wool and a 3mm hook, make 3ch and slst to 1st ch make a ring.
Make 1ch and work 6dc into ring, slst to 1st dc and fasten off. Sew a small black bead to centre of each eye.


Using black wool/yarn make 2ch, work 1dc into 1st ch made. Turn.
Row 2 1ch, 3dc into next st. (3sts).
Row 3 dc (3sts).
Repeat row 3 until desired length of flipper is reached. Fasten off.

Finishing off

Sew the button on the cosy to match up with the loop.

Arrange flippers, eyes and white front on to cosy as per photo, and sew in place, making sure that the bottom of the white front and feet are level with the bottom (the feet will then stick out).

All supplies from Hobbycraft

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