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Make Christmas heart stockings: free sewing pattern

CL dec13 Make Christmas stockings: free sewing pattern - Make Christmas stockings - Craft -

1 Draw a stocking shape freehand on a piece of cardboard, or print out and enlarge the template below, stick on to cardboard and draw around the outside. Cut the stocking shape out of fabric. Repeat four times. Cut the toe, heel and top cuff from a contrasting fabric.

2 Take two of the stocking pieces, lay one on top of the other, sew along the top to connect them and turn inside out. This creates the front side and lining of the stocking. Do the same with the other two sections. Sandwich the top strip of cuff between them so, when turned the right way out, you have the front of the stocking with the strip of different fabric at the top and the lining of the front half.

3 Take the heel and toe sections and sew into place on the front of the stocking only (keep the lining separate). This can be left on show or covered with ribbon using bonding web.

4 Decorate the front of the stocking with extra fabric shapes, such as a heart, bow, a strip of fabric with a name sewn on or buttons.

5 Once you have decorated the front and back, pin them together, then the linings together, creating one big ‘U’ shape. Secure a small loop of fabric on the inside adjoining line in the centre of the stocking for hanging.

6 Sew around the perimeter, leaving a gap of 7cm at the foot of the lining. Once finished, use the gap to turn the entire stocking inside out. You should have the front and back of the stocking at one end (with the hanging loop on the correct side) and the two plain lining sides of the stocking at the other end.

7 Sew up the gap and tuck the lining inside.

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