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Make a Christmas pudding advent calendar

Christmas pudding advent calendar to make - Make a Christmas pudding advent calendar - Advent calendars to make - Christmas craft ideas - Craft -

This makes an advent calendar measuring approximately 58cm by 58cm.

You will need

• 65cm brown felt from the roll
• 30cm white felt from the roll
• 32cm x 27cm piece of red felt
• Scraps of green felt for holly leaf decorations
• Fabric glue (the kind that goes transparent when dry)
• Ribbon for hanging
• Dark-coloured pipe cleaners (we used green)

How to make

1. Using the green felt scraps, cut out some holly leaves. Using the brown felt, cut a circle with a diameter of 60cm. Trim a few centimetres from the bottom to give it more of a pudding look.

2. Now make the icing; you need this to cover approximately one third of your pudding. Using the top half of your brown felt circle as a template, cut a semi-circle of white felt. Place the icing over the pudding so the top edges match and cut an uneven wavy line into the white felt (this is the bottom of the icing). Remember you need room to place your pockets, so make sure the icing doesn’t come too far down the brown felt.

3. Pin the red felt rectangle onto the pudding (the longest edges are the top and bottom of the pockets) and stitch around three sides, leaving the top edge open. Now you need to plan the stitching lines for the 24 pockets. Using a tape measure and pins, mark off 24 equal-sized pockets (our pockets measured approximately 5cm wide x 6.5cm deep). Stitch along the lines that you’ve marked. (We know you can’t get into the pockets. Don’t worry, we'll tackle the openings next!)

4. Take a small pair of sharp scissors and right at the top of each closed pocket (you should have 18 closed pockets), snip into the red felt, making sure you don’t cut the brown felt underneath. Carefully snip a post-box style opening into the top of each pocket.

5. Next, lay your pudding flat on a table. Using your fabric glue, stick the icing to the pudding and the holly leaves to the icing.

6. Cut the pipe cleaners into shorter lengths. Bend each shorter length into a number and glue onto your pockets. When all the glue is dry, handstitch a piece of ribbon to the centre top of your pudding to hang. Now all you need to do is fill the pockets with lots of sweets and treats and a special surprise for number 24!

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