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Make a Russian doll Christmas decoration: free sewing pattern

Russian doll Christmas decorations - Christmas crafts -

This makes a Christmas decoration measuring 10-11cm tall.    

You will need

● Small piece (approx 6cm x 6cm) of skin-coloured felt
● Scraps of dark brown felt for hair and red felt for the cheeks.
● Felt for the body (or contrasting cotton fabric that won’t fray too much)
● Ribbon, lace or flowers for decorations
● Ribbon for hanging – approx 6cm
● Stuffing

To make

Cutting out

Print out the pattern templates for your Russian doll (image 1). 

Draw round them on one side of the felt and cut out one each of face, hair, bodice and skirt (image 2). 

Remember to leave enough felt for the back – but you’ll be cutting this out later when you’ve stitched the front together.

Stitching the face

Using brown thread, handstitch the hair to the top of the face. Then, using running stitch, sew the eyes and a mouth  (image 3). Cut out some tiny circles and stitch these on for rosy cheeks.

Stitching the front together

Postion the face so that it’s framed by the hood and using a stab stitch, handstitch the face securely into place.

Join the bodice and skirt together (the bodice should overlap the skirt by 5mm). Using a matching (or contrasting) thread, handstitch into position.

Decorate with ribbon, flowers or lace.

The back

Using the front as a template, cut out a piece of felt for the back (image 4).

Stitching the back and front

Pin the back and front together and starting from the bottom, stitch together. We used small stab stitches a couple of millimetres from the raw edge, or you could use blanket stitch (image 5).

When you get to the top of her head, insert a folded piece of ribbon for hanging. Stitch securely.

Approximately 4cm from the end, stop stitching and stuff her with small amount of stuffing.

Finish stitching her at the sides and knot securely.  

Hang her up on your tree and say 'Schastlivogo Rozhdestva'!  (That’s happy Christmas in Russian!)

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