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Sew a felt robin Christmas tree decoration: free sewing pattern

Robin Christmas tree decoration - Sew a robin felt Christmas tree decoration: free sewing pattern - Christmas decorations to make -Christmas craft ideas -

This makes a Christmas decoration measuring 16cm long by 9cm tall.    

You will need

● A square of dark brown felt for bodies and legs
● A small piece of red felt for the red breast
● Some grey felt for the wings
● A small piece of white felt for the underfeathers
● Scrap yellow felt for beak
● Ribbon for hanging – approx 8cm
● Stuffing

Cutting out

Print out the robin templates (pictured below)

Cut two main bodies in brown felt
Cut two legs and feet in brown felt
Cut two breasts in red felt.
Cut two wings in grey felt
Cut two underfeathers in white felt
Cut two beaks in yellow felt

Start stitching …

Take one brown felt body and one red felt breast. Lay the body over the red breast so that it just overlaps. Using brown thread and small stitches, sew them together with running stitch (image 1).

Take a wing and position this over the brown body. Pin and stitch into place. We stitched it so that the ends of the wing could flap a little – see stitching lines on pattern template.

Lay one of your white felt underfeather pieces on top of the brown body. Using white thread, stitch into place.

Sew the yellow beaks into position and stitch the two legs onto the underside of the body.


Repeat with the other side (apart from the legs) – but remember to do it in mirror image so that all the stitching is on the right sides (image 2).



Stitching the back and front together

Pin the two sides together and, starting from the legs, stitch all the way around using small stab stitches. Insert a loop of ribbon for hanging and remember to leave a small 4-5cm gap for stuffing.

Add stuffing to make a plump robin. (Use a knitting needle to edge the stuffing into the narrow tail.) Finish off with a secure knot.

Trim any edges.  

Printable template

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