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Make a mini Christmas tree ornament

Mini Christmas tree - Make a mini Christmas tree - Christmas decorations to make - Craft -

Use these as place markers on the festive table, then give them to guests to take home.

1 Cut out two pieces of fabric in a triangle shape for each tree, allowing a 1cm seam allowance; use a contrasting design for back and front.

2 With right sides together, sew all round, leaving a small opening at the bottom to stuff.

3 Turn the triangle right side out and stuff with toy filling or kapok. You need just a small amount to give it shape.

4 Glue a piece of ribbon around the top edge of a terracotta flowerpot and leave to dry.

5 Cut a wooden skewer longer than the tree, place inside and sew the opening shut to secure.

6 Cut some florist’s foam to size and press it down into the flowerpot. Stick the skewered tree into the foam. Place a small amount of fresh moss on top of the foam, then sprinkle some rock salt onto the moss like snow.

7 Sew a bell to the top of the tree, then write a name on a piece of paper and pin it onto the tree to use as a place card.

Fabrics, from a selection, John Lewis. Toy filling, £4.50; florist’s foam, £1.19 per brick; bells, £1.50 (for 48): all Hobbycraft. Ribbon, from a selection, Jane Means. Vintage flowerpot, from a selection, RE. Tidman’s natural rock salt, £1.29 (500g), Waitrose

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