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Sew a peapod pincushion: free sewing pattern

Peapod pin cushion - Make a peapod pin cushion - Craft -

You will need

● Needle and fine thread
● 3 x 8cm diameter fabric circles
● Scissors
● 3 balls of sheep’s wool *
● Sheet of paper and pencil
● Tailor’s chalk
● 12cm x 6cm scrap of velvet or felt
● 4cm-wide semi-circle of contrasting felt or wool

How to make

1. Sew a line of loose running stitch around the outside of one of the circles of fabric, place a small tightly squashed ball of wool in the centre and pull the needle so the thread acts as a drawstring to make a pea shape. Secure with one stitch, then oversew the seams a couple of times.

2. Repeat step one so you have three peas.

3. Line up the peas on a piece of paper and draw a pod shape around them. Use this as a template, chalking around it onto the velvet or felt twice and cut out the two shapes.

4. Use blanket stitch to sew a line of threads along the top edges of both pieces, then place right sides together and join along the base with the same stitch. Fasten off well. Turn the right way out.

5. Take the first pea and stitch in place, sewing through the base of the pod. Repeat with the other two peas, then stitch between each one, going side to side. Add extra stitches to form points at either end.

6. Finally, take the semi-circle of fabric for the stalk and snip triangular shapes out of the round side. Place on the end of the pod and stitch around the edges.

Tip You can use a sewing machine on the zigzag setting to make this more quickly. 

* If you are pregnant, avoid handling raw wool (it should be cleaned first).

Click here to see Sarah Moore's pattern

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