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Make an owl soft toy: free sewing pattern

soft toy owl to sew - free sewing patterns UK - Craft -

You need:

● Fabric for the main body – we used an old jumper which stretched nicely. Old tights would work well too, but you could also use non-stretch fabric. You’ll need a piece about the size of an A4 sheet of paper.
● Scraps of fabric for the eyes and eye surround
● Stuffing – about four big handfuls
● Matching threads – and black embroidery thread for the eyelash details
● Needle
Pattern template, on page 2


Cutting out…

Image 1: Use the templates on page 2 and cut out…    

Two main body pieces
Two eyes
One eye surround
One beak
Two wings

Start stitching

Image 2: Place the eyes on top of the eye surround. Stitch into place with matching thread.

Position the eye surround on top of one of the main body pieces.

Stitch into place with matching thread.

Image 3: Take the beak and position in between the eyes.  Stitch on the two top corners first and then stitch  underneath so it sticks out a little from the owl face.

Image 4: With your black embroidery thread, stitch on the eyelids and a few lashes – plus some little claws at the bottom

Now place the two main body pieces together (right sides facing).

Stitch round the outside 0.5cm from the raw edges – leaving a gap at the bottom for turning the right way round and for stuffing.

Turn the right way round.

Stuff the owl

Image 5: Leave a little bit of stuffing to one side (you’ll need this for filling out the wings).  Push the remainder of the stuffing inside (use a knitting needle to get the stuffing into the points of the ears).

Stitch up the hole at the bottom with slipstitch.

Stitching on the wings

Image 6: Take one of your wings and position at the side of the owl. Stitch on, but leave a gap for stuffing (keep your needle threaded and attached).

Take a pinch of two of filling and push it inside the wing.

Finish stitching the wing on.

Repeat on the other side.

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