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Make an ice skate Christmas decoration: free sewing pattern

Felt ice skate Christmas decoration to make - Christmas decorations to make - Christmas craft -

This ice skate measures approximately 6cm from top to bottom.    

You will need

● 10cm square white felt for main boot
● scrap of brown felt scrap for sole
● scrap of grey felt (or a stiff glitter or metallic fabric) for the blade. If this fabric has a right/wrong side, flip the template for the second pattern piece
● matching threads for stitching
● 50cm orange embroidery thread for the laces
● stuffing – an eggcupful
● For a Christmas decoration - strong thread or ribbon for a hanging loop.
● If you prefer to make this as a brooch – one brooch pin
pattern templates: click here to print out the boot templates, on page 2



Cut out

Image 1:
2 x boots in white felt
2 x soles in brown felt
2 x blades in felt or stiff fabric.
(NB: if you are using fabric and it has a right and a wrong side, make sure you flip the pattern template when you cut out the second side).

Starting to stitch

Image 2:
Lay the white boot over the blade so the base of the boot lies over the dotted lines on the blade template.

Stitch the blades to the underside of the white boots with small stitches.

Image 3:
Place the brown felt soles over the base of the white boots and stitch on with overstitch.

Image 4:
Embroider on the toe and heel, stitching with small running stitches and brown thread.

Image 5:
Put the two boots wrong sides together and stitch around the edges with over stitch and matching threads.

Leave a gap at the bottom.

Fill with stuffing and stitch up the hole.

Sewing on the laces

Image 6:
Take your 50cm of embroidery thread and fold it in half in the middle.

Image 7:
Lay the folded middle of the embroidery thread just above the toe of the shoe and begin criss-crossing the laces and securing them in place with tiny stitches on each side (like shoe lace holes).

Keep criss crossing the laces and stitching them in place at equal intervals up to the top.

Tie in a bow.

Stitch on a hanging loop in ribbon for use as a tree decoration – or if you’re want to wear it as a brooch, stitch on your brooch pin to the back.

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