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Make a Swedish blind: free sewing pattern

Red blind in a kitchen - Make a Swedish blind: free sewing pattern - Craft -

This Swedish blind works best on a small window with a maximum width of about 137cm (one standard fabric width).

If you use a reversible fabric there’s no need to line it. Neaten edges with contrasting binding.

You can buy Swedish blind kits, from £52, from Scandinavian Interiors. For made-to-measure blinds, try Vanessa Arbuthnott or Country Cream

You will need

● Coordinating fabrics for the front and back of the blind
● Thread to match
● 9-12mm diameter wooden dowelling the width of the blind
● 38mm x 25mm wooden batten the width of the blind
● Two fabric strips each 30cm x 9cm or two 30cm pieces of webbing tape about 2-3cm wide
● Staple gun
● Two glass, plastic or brass rings
● Cord
● Bradawl, screws, screwdriver and drill to attach batten to window frame
● Cleat


● Swedish blind kit

Cut a piece from each fabric the width of the blind required plus 3cm, and drop wanted plus 8cm. Place the fabrics right sides facing and stitch the side edges, taking a 1.5cm seam. Turn through and press.

To create a pocket for the dowelling rod, turn 0.5cm to the wrong side at the base of the blind and press. Turn up a further 2.5cm, press, tack it in place and then stitch. Insert the wooden dowelling into the pocket.

Machine stitch the top edge to close the top of the blind. Then staple it to the top of the batten using the staple gun.

To make the fabric tabs, fold each strip lengthways, right sides facing, stitch a 1.5cm seam, trim the raw edges, then turn through and press. Alternatively, use the webbing for tabs. Fold each tab in half, inserting a ring into the fold. Staple the tab ends to the top of the batten, each about 10-15cm in from the sides.

Cut two pieces of cord, each four times the length of the blind. Make a small loop at the end of each piece and knot, then staple the loops to the back of the batten behind the tabs.

Drill holes through the batten (start the hole with a bradawl to avoid damaging the fabric) behind the tabs and screw to the window frame. Make sure the screw goes through the cord loop at the back of the batten. Fix the cleat at one side of the window.

To string the blind, bring the loose cord ends under the blind to the front, up and through the rings, then wind around the cleat to secure. Cut off any excess cord and knot the ends together.

Fabric: Feather and Egg in Raspberry linen union, £41 a metre; backed in Chicken Check Raspberry cotton, £38 a metre; both Vanessa Arbuthnott

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