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Make a clothes-peg Christmas fairy decoration

Follow these easy steps to create a glittery fairy for your tree - made from a clothes-peg

Clothes-peg Christmas fairy decoration - Make a clothes peg Christmas fairy decoration - Christmas decorations to make - Craft -

You will need:

● Wooden dolly peg
● Black biro
● Large teacup
● Scrap of pretty fabric
● Scissors
● Soft pencil
● Needle and thread
● Wide gold or silver ribbon
● Narrow gold or silver ribbon
● Sheet of paper
● All-purpose glue
● Glitter dust

How it's done

Start by drawing a smiley face on the head of the dolly peg with the biro. Then, to make the skirt, use the upturned teacup as a guide to draw two circles on the fabric with your pencil. Cut out the circles, then place them together and snip a small slit in the centre. Squeeze the peg legs together and slip the skirt up to the top of the legs. You may need to stitch around the waist, using a needle and thread, if you've made the opening too large. From now on you need to keep the fairy's face to the front while you make the rest of her.

To make the wings, cut 12cm of the wide ribbon and twist the centre. Then do a couple of stitches around the twist to hold it in place. Sew the twisted ribbon to the back of the skirt to complete the fairy's wings.

Using 26cm of your narrow ribbon, tie it around the waist and knot under the wings, make a loop with the ends and tying them together. This is the tie for hanging the fairy on the tree.

To ensure the fairy has a glittery crown and feet, tear a piece of paper from your sheet, apply a blob of glue, then set aside. Fold the rest of the paper in half and tip a little glitter dust into the fold. Dip the head and toes of your fairy into the blob of glue, then into the glitter. Shake off the excess over the paper to stop it from going everywhere.

Put the fairy astride the rim of the teacup to dry. Shake any remaining glitter dust along the crease of the paper and tip it back into the container. Once dry, your clothes-peg fairy is ready to hang on the tree.

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