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Make a snowflake Christmas stocking

Make Santa’s visit extra special with this festive design

Red felt Christmas stocking - Make a snowflake Christmas stocking - Christmas stockings - Craft -

To make a full-size template for your snowflake stocking, click here for the snowflake template. Print the page onto A4 paper. Enlarge using a photocopier to the full size of 48cm high by 26cm wide.

What you'll need

● 60cm x 40cm piece of red felt
● Pinking shears
● Dressmaker's chalk
● White embroidery thread
● 40 small white beads
● 46cm x 15cm piece of plain linen or cotton
● Ribbon
● Small piece of card/p>

Make the snowflakes

Take the front piece of your stocking and use dressmaker's chalk to mark where you want the centre of one snowflake to be. Use embroidery thread to hand-stitch four 2cm-long stitches out from this point, followed by four 1cm-long stitches in between the cross you have formed. Repeat to form remaining snowflakes, then sew a bead onto the end of each snowflake point.

Stitch the stocking
Place the front and back of the stocking together, wrong sides facing, and machine-stitch together, 5mm in from the edge.

Make the cuff
Cutting along the grain (so the threads run parallel to the long edges), cut out a 46cm x 15cm rectangle of linen. Along one long edge, unpick the fabric to make a 1cm-deep frayed edge. Fold the rectangle in half, short side to short side (right sides in) then machine-stitch the short sides together. Turn right-side out.

Attach the cuff
Put the cuff into the top of the stocking and pin the edges together. Pin a loop of ribbon between them, facing down, to hang the stocking by. Machine-stitch in place. Turn the cuff back.

Create a name-tag
Cut out two pieces of felt, and a slightly smaller piece of card. Embroider your child's name on one piece of felt then stitch the felt pieces together, with the card inside.

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