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Sew a handmade lampshade

Sarah Moore lampshade to sew - Easy craft ideas - makes for the home - Craft -

Designer Sarah Moore brings you a series of step-by-step inspiring craft creations.

'This design works well for larger shades. For safety, use natural fabrics and make sure there is plenty of room between the material and the bulb to avoid scorching.'

You will need

● lampshade frame
● measuring tape
● fabric
● tailors’ chalk or water-soluble sewing pen
● scissors, pins, needle, thread
● sewing machine
● ribbon or cord long enough to go round base and top of shade plus few extra cm
● strip of fabric ribbon to tie around shade
● large safety pin

1 Measure the height of the frame from the top to the bottom rings, then round the base. Add 15cm to both of these measurements and chalk this oblong onto the wrong side of your chosen fabric. Cut out the shape.

2 Pin then sew the two shorter side edges, right sides together, leaving a 1cm margin.

3 Flatten out the seam edges and press.

4 Iron a hem of 2cm at the top and bottom of the cylinder. Pin, then sew it in place (this forms the channel for the ribbon or cord).

5 Turn the cylinder right side out and press.

6 With sharp scissors, snip through the stitches, 1cm down, into the top and bottom of the cylinder, where the side seams meet, to give access to the drawstring channel.

7 Cut a length of ribbon or cord to stretch round the shade base and attach a safety pin to the end. Feed this into the channel and push it round until it emerges at the seam. Do the same with the top of the lamp and place the cylinder over the frame.

8 Pull both ends of the cord together at the base and tighten until the fabric is taut. Tie in a bow and repeat for the top. Move the fabric around till evenly gathered, then secure with a double knot on each cord and trim off the excess. Tuck the ends into the channel and use a needle and thread to sew up the stitches you snipped earlier.

9 Finally, tie a ribbon or hemmed length of fabric around the outside of the shade.

Photographs: Alun Callender. Styling: Ben Kendrick


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