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Sew a silk scarf curtain: free sewing pattern

Draped silk scarf curtain; easy sewing projects from

Hang these at windows or use to divide rooms, form a canopy over beds or as a simple throw. You can often find silk scarves in charity shops and markets – or choose other fabrics, if you prefer. It’s also worth trying specialist online sellers such as Vintage Highlights (

You will need

● tape measure

● scarves of similar sizes
● sewing machine
● masking tape or pins
● iron
● net-curtain wire and hook fitting, or strong woven tape
● large safety pin and hooks

To make

1 Measure your window, or the area you want to cover, to work out how many scarves you need. For a gathered finish, add at least half the width again to the measurement.

2 Arrange your scarves on a large flat surface so they form the desired pattern, overlapping the edges by a couple of centimetres on all sides.

3 Taking a row at a time, create strips of scarves – which you will then sew together to create one big panel. Use masking tape, or pins if you prefer, to secure the scarves then straight-stitch down each join, removing the tape or pins as you go.

4 Repeat with each row, then sew these together in the same way to create a panel. When this is complete, turn over a 2cm hem at the top and stitch in place so you have a channel.

5 Run a net-curtain wire through this gap, or, alternatively, attach a length of strong tape to a safety pin and feed it through, then hang it up on hooks fixed to the sides of your window frame.

Top tip
The slippery nature of silk scarves can make pinning and sewing difficult, so try using masking tape to hold the material in place instead.

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