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Sew an Easter bunny: free sewing pattern

Easter bunnies to sew: free sewing pattern - Toys to make - free sewing patterns - Craft ideas for kids - Craft -

You will need:

• Paper bunny pattern – click here to download
• Paper, pen, pins and sewing scissors
• Old wool blanket or jumper
• Tailors’ chalk or water-soluble fabric pen
• Sewing machine and cotton thread
• Wooden spoon
• Sheep’s wool or dried lavender and millet
• Needle, embroidery needle and thread
• Ribbon for a bow
• Orange felt and green ribbon for carrot
• Coloured felt or wool fabric for clothes


1. Cut out the template and draw around it with chalk onto the wrong side of the wool – this is your sewing line. Leaving an extra 2cm around the edge, cut out the shape. Draw around this onto the wrong side of more wool to make the back of the bunny.

2. Place your two wool pieces right sides together and pin. Start at the right shoulder and machine-sew around the chalk line using a small straight stitch until you reach the base of its right ear. Over-sew the first and last couple of stitches for added strength.

3. Remove your pins and turn the bunny the right way out, using the handle of a wooden spoon to push out the ears, arms and legs.

4. Stuff your shape – using the spoon handle to poke the filling in. Hand-sew the opening closed. Define the arms by stitching through the body, from shoulder to underarm.

5. For the face, push an embroidery needle and thread through the back of the head and add two eyes, a mouth and nose. Secure the thread with a couple of stitches, then push the needle out through the back of the head. Cut off the loose ends.

6. For the carrot, cut a triangle of orange felt. Place strips of green ribbon along the short edge and sew them in place. Roll up the triangle to form a cone, with the ribbon at the top, then hand-stitch along its length.

7. For the jacket, create a template using the bunny pattern: draw a line across the neck, waist and wrists. Cut this out, then draw round it onto your fabric. Cut this shape out and repeat so you have the front and back of a jacket. Snip a ‘V’ out of the neck on the front piece, then hand-sew the jacket onto the bunny round the seams and under the arms, joining the materials as you sew down the arms. Hand-stitch the paws together.

* If you are pregnant, avoid handling raw wool (it should be cleaned first).

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