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Sew a fleece hot water bottle cover: free sewing pattern

Keep cosy at bedtime with a soft and snuggly hot water bottle cover. By Suzanna Drew-Edwards

sew fleece hot-water bottle cover

Cosy up for winter with this snug hot water bottle cover. Either make it in ready patterned fleece (there’s lots in the shops at this time of year) or choose a plain fleece fabric and customise it yourself.

You will need:

    • A 50cm x 60cm piece of fleece fabric
    • Scraps of fabric and ribbon to decorate (if you choose plain fleece)
    • A hot water bottle

      To make the pattern

      The front

      Take a piece of paper (newspaper or greaseproof paper is fine) and draw round the outside of your hot water bottle. To allow for seams, add 2cm all round the edge. This is your cutting line.

      The back

      The back has an overlapping flap so you can get your hottie in and out. To allow for a comfortable overlap, fold your front pattern in half and draw a horizontal line at the halfway mark. Draw a line 4cm above your halfway line – this is the top of the bottom half of your hot water back pattern. Draw another line 4cm below your half way line – this is the bottom of the top half of your back pattern.

      Cutting out

      Cut out your three pattern pieces in fleece. If you’re decorating your front piece, now is the time to do it. Make sure you keep any decorations in the middle of the cover as you don’t want them too near the seam allowances. We used a simple bird motif with some decorative stitching.

      Stitching the back pieces

      On each back piece, turn down the straight edges of the opening flap by 1cm. Machine stitch into place. We decorated ours with some gingham ribbon, but you can leave it plain if you prefer. Position the top back piece so the stitched edge overlaps the stitched edge of the bottom back piece. Pin so the back cover is the same size as the front cover. Stitch the two back pieces together where they overlap.

      Sewing the two sides together

      With right sides together, stitch around the edges of the hot water bottle cover - we left ours open at the top so we can fill it with water when the cover’s on – but you can stitch up this opening if you prefer. Clip the seams on all curves and turn the cover the right way.

      Fill your bottle with hot water, slip on the cover and you’ll never have cold feet again!

      Tips for sewing fleece

      • If you can’t tell which is the right side of the fabric, pinch a cut edge with both hands 10cm apart and pull gently – the fleece will curl to the wrong side of the fabric.
      • Because fleece is stretchy, pin carefully with long pins and stitch slowly. Stitching too fast can stretch the fabric as it goes through the machine.

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