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Sew an iPhone cover: free sewing pattern

sew an iPhone cover - Sew an iPhone cover: free sewing pattern - Craft -

You will need

● 25.5cm x 25.5cm (10in x 10in) square of 4mm thick 100% wool felt
● Two smaller pieces of felt in contrasting colours for the flower decoration
● Embroidery thread in similar colours to your felt (try Blooming Felt for supplies)

How to sew your iPhone case

Cut out two rectangles measuring 13cm x 8cm (5 1/8in x 3 1/8in ) from the larger felt piece. The easiest way to do this is with a rotary cutter, self-healing mat and quilter’s ruler. Alternatively, draw the rectangle using a wash-off marker pen and ruler and cut out with sharp scissors.

Round off the corners.

Draw around the flower template (left) on the contrasting colour felt using a wash-off marker pen. Do the same for the flower centre on the other colour.

Using three strands of embroidery thread, sew the flower and centre on to one of the rectangles using blanket stitch.

Blanket-stitch around the top edges of each felt rectangle, starting approximately 2cm (6/8in) from the top.

Pin the two rectangles together, matching up edges, with the flower side uppermost. Blanket-stitch from the left-hand to right-hand side, starting 2cm (6/8in) from the top edge (where the top edge seam begins), and overstitching the first and last stitches about five times for extra strength.

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