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Sew a piped cushion: free sewing pattern

Handmade fabric cushions piled on top of a white wooden chair

Edged with matching or contrasting piping for added durability, this cushion cover can be made in any fabric to suit your scheme. A neat zip closure ensures a snug fit and plump effect.

You will need

● fabric (see below for quantity)
● medium-thick cable cord or piping cord (see below for quantity)
● matching sewing thread square or rectangular cushion pad
● zip, 10cm shorter than the width of the cushion pad

Estimating quantity

● Measure the length and width of the cushion pad.
● For the front, allow one piece of fabric that is the size of the cushion pad, plus an extra 1.5cm for seams all around.
● For the back, divide the pad size into two halves. Allow for two pieces of fabric, each the size of one of these halves, plus an extra 1.5cm for seams all around each one.
● For the cable cord or piping cord, you will need enough to go around the edges of the cushion pad, plus 10cm.
● To cover the piping, work out the width of the fabric strips you will need by measuring around the cord, adding an extra 3cm for seams. Allow for enough of these bias-cut fabric strips to fit the length of your cord.

To make

From the fabric, cut out the front, two back pieces and bias strips. With right sides together, pin and tack the two back pieces together along one long edge, using a 1.5cm seam. Machine-stitch along the tacking for 5cm at each end of the seam, leaving the tacking stitches in the centre intact. Press open the seam and insert the zip. Remove the tacking.

Join the bias strips to the required length and cover the cord with them. Pin and tack this piping to the right side of the front around all four edges, with hems lined up. At each corner, snip into the seam allowance of the piping so it will bend around the corner. Join the ends of the piping and machine-stitch it in place.

Pin the front to the back, with right sides together and the piping sandwiched between the two layers. Undo the zip and tack a 1.5cm seam around the edges of the front and back pieces. Using a zipper foot, and working with the front piece on top, machine-stitch the front and back together. Remove the tacking, snip off the corners of the seam allowances, and turn right side out. Insert the cushion pad through the opening in the back and close the zip.

This project is taken from 'The Home-sewn Home' by Vanessa Arbuthnott  with Gail Abbott (Cico Books, £16.99). 

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