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Sew a gathered lampshade cover

How to make a fabric lampshade cover - Vanessa Arbuthnott - free sewing pattern - Craft -

A quick makeover for a bedroom lamp, this gathered lampshade fits over the original, so is ideal for updating a slightly old-fashioned or grubby card shade. Keep the old one in place – you will need it to support the folds. The one here is in Dandelion Trellis in cranberry and stone, which is ideal for this project as the soft cotton falls easily into pleats all around.

You will need

● cotton fabric (see below for quantity)
● matching sewing thread narrow
● two-cord curtain-heading tape (see below for quantity)
● plain lampshade

Estimating quantity

● Measure the depth of the shade from top to bottom (with your tape measure on the shade) and the circumference around the base.
● For the fabric, allow for a piece the depth of the lampshade plus 15cm for hems, by the length of the circumference multiplied by 1.5.
● If necessary, adjust the latter fabric dimension a little so that any pattern will match across the seam. (Adjusting it slightly will make the shade a little looser or tighter.)
● For the curtain tape, allow enough to fit around the circumference, plus 10cm.

To make

With right sides facing, pin the short ends of the fabric together. Machine-stitch a 1.5cm seam, forming a ring, press to one side and zigzag-stitch the raw edges together.

Along the lower edge of the ring, press 1cm, then a further 4cm to the wrong side to form a hem. Machine-stitch close to the first folded edge. Along the top edge of the fabric, press 4cm to the wrong side.

Starting at the side seam, pin the heading tape to the top hem, so it covers the raw edge of the hem. Machine-stitch the tape in place along its top and bottom edges.

Pull the tape draw-cords and gather the fabric to fit the top of your lampshade. Tie the cords together. Turn the cover right side out and place on top of the lampshade.
Tip: when you fit the cover over the shade, hold it in place at the top and gently pull the folds down to distribute them evenly around the base. They will stay in soft folds as you arrange them.

This project is taken from 'The Home-sewn Home' by Vanessa Arbuthnott  with Gail Abbott (Cico Books, £16.99). 

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